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Justin Bernard

  I love problem solving. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, new adventures, learning new trades, history, philosophy, and new ways to express myself.

For the last ten years I have re-built houses from their foundation to the roof, I started two Internet/technology companies utilizing video production, Internet advertising, 3D animation, and computer graphics. I am an artist at heart and put my creative skills to the test at everything I do. I will be uploading pictures of my artwork, video, graphics, photography, and other creative projects I work on. I like to keep things fresh all the time so I don't lose any enthusiasm. I will change things up often.

This site will show not only my photography but my artistic accomplishments as well. I hope you will appreciate my passion and thirst for knowledge as you see my visions coming to life in my pictures.

I am also happy to have my wife Masuma as my partner in life and in photography. She is always full of passion and excitement in everything she does. Her pictures are stunning and will always be a big part of everything I do. Not because I love her and let her tag along but because she too is talented and adds a whole new dynamic to every equation.

Thanks for you time and interest. I hope to be able to help you in you endeavors and we all can succeed together. 

As always any comments or criticisms are welcome
























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